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10:37 a.m. // 09 March 2006

I decided to throw out the week-old bread sitting on my counter when I realized I was holding a bag full of baguette and MOUSE.

I ran around the apartment (screaming) trying to find something to put it in, but the baguette was too big. I put the whole mess in a big Tupperware tub, but of course, while I was trying to extract the baguette, that mouse popped out of there and shot off.

(Apparently I'm told I was supposed to put the mouse into the trash can -- which was, of course, full. I would have driven to a field to set him free, but today I have no car ... so it would've been me and the mouse making a sad journey on foot. Or, I guess, moped.)

I forgot to mention the show that JACKSON 8 played with LANDREST on Feb. 24. We both released our new (well, in Jackson 8's case, new-old) CDs. LIKE YOU LIKE and the PTERODACTYLS also played. It was superfuntimes.

Dwayne got bit by a dog on Tuesday. Just through his pants; no blood drawn. A friend rescued the dog from New Orleans after the hurricane, so it is understandably a bit troubled.


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