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11:51 a.m. // 05 May 2003

I thought I just ran over a squirrel on my way to my house, because I thought I saw one run UNDER THE CAR. But either he emerged unscathed after passing underneath the axles, or he didn't run under at all, because I walked back there just now and can see no traces of squirrel blood.

Also, I just saw the tiny tiny dog that is the approximate size of an ant. I saw it on Friday night because it went to the Psychos show, apparently. Its girl came out of an office near my house and was trying to make it go in a flowerbed.

Last night Mr. Dwayne and I went to Dallas to see the Dutch Treats and Corn Mo, who did his rousing rendition of "We Are the Champions." We took solocory home to Denton. At 7-11 I bought a foil pack of applesauce that you squeeze directly into your mouth. It's kind of like being an astronaut except it tastes like ass.

Also, I thought I might get food poisoning but I'm not sick yet. Yesterday Dwayne and I went to try to see Chris Jones in Lewisville, but he wasn't there. Instead we went to the Vista Ridge Mall and then we got hungry, so we went to a mall-restaurant that shall remain nameless, B.B., because I am so embarrassed to have gone there. Karen told me it was good. The menu was very scarce on vegetarian items, however, not to mention the uneasiness I felt surrounded by hokey quasi-Asian furnishings. We got "fresh ginger sodas," which would have been good but the syrup-water ratio was too strong.

Dwayne and I decided on two combos, both with chicken satay skewers and cold peanut noodles. The food was okay -- the satay wasn't all nice and chargrilled on the outside like it is at Chopsticks or other places. If you're going to serve grilled chicken, it should NOT taste like it was steamed. I was very upset when I got to the last couple bites of my satay and found that the meat was raw.

The manager asked if I wanted more MEAT, then said they'd be taken off the bill. He removed only my dish from the bill, even though Dwayne had the same chicken -- his wasn't uncooked, it just seemed a little undercooked. Meanwhile I was feeling queasy and went to wash my hands after touching raw meat. On my way to the bathroom, the floor was so greasy that I couldn't walk properly, and then all the toilet seats were covered in piss. I had to get outside, and I left Dwayne waiting for the new bill.

This is somebody's revenge on me for going to a chain restaurant and ordering meat.

um, also by all accounts THE BIG GET DOWN 2003 was radd with two D's. I only saw three bands (including Mister Furious) before I had to go to work, but it became quite the shindig. Jackson 8, who played after thirteen other bands, has the distinction of being the only band that brought the cops out.

Free Comic Book Day sucked, at least in my experience. There were no alt-comics to be had at the two places here. Although I did pick up a handsome Hulk gaming piece.


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