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4:55 a.m. // 15 September 2004

I think this is the first time anyone I know has written a letter published in an advice column: Driven Squirrelly.

why is my health so poor lately? Yesterday at work I ate lunch and then couldn't shake the nausea. I finally decided to go home right after it started pouring, but one of the reporters offered me a ride. Then Dwayne drove me back to work. Then I made Dwayne drive me back home. Then I went back to work again. I was a little productive until Quark started making me queasy, then I finally puked after seven hours of feeling bad for no apparent reason.

I feel better now, if only because I slept all that I could since yesterday afternoon. I'm a little pissed that my phone bill went up from $19 to almost FIFTY DOLLARS thanks to a poor decision I made when woken up by a telemarketer who promised me my bill was going up to $26. hello, bite me.

I wrote an entry here on Monday and then accidentally closed the window last night without saving it, because I had gone to Grand Prairie and back, and more, in the interim. It was about the Big Get Down II and how I blustered in from work to play our set and got tired midway through and had to sit down, but people told me they could finally hear the keys. Then I had to go back to work and when I finally got off at midnight I couldn't breathe inside Dan's.

Oh yeah, my hives are gone. All but the faintest trace.

I am starting as music writer but I haven't gotten much accomplished because I keep getting sick.


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