[[groovy musics: r. crumb and the cheap suit serenaders, the thermals, call and response]]

1:50 p.m. // 28 March 2003


yesterday Hunter and I ate at Tom & Jo's for probably the last time before they close. We had twin chicken fried steaks and mashed potatoes and sweet teas. lord what is going to become of us. Afterwards I had to go to the bank, where I overflowed a toilet. They're remodeling and apparently I wasn't supposed to go in that bathroom. "I'm so sorry," repeatedly, and many sheepish looks. I CAN NEVER BANK THERE AGAIN the shame is so great.

then I bought a headlight for my bike that doesn't suck. and I mounted it and my new ring-ring-ring bell.

tonight there's like the riverboat gamblers as the special guests at a high school battle of the bands! I might have to go. It's very funny to me.

bye. I'm making myself scarce this weekend.


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