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2:06 p.m. // 08 April 2003

crazy night last night that all turned out amazing. I'm still stunned by how flawless it all went. dwayne and I showed up at mable's to start setting up things for the show last night, and jeff the bartender is there with a couple of the bands -- it's supposed to be three touring bands, all touring together, plus one local band, on a Monday, so things are already hairy enough. then the bombshell's dropped -- bar was robbed the night before, owner's really worried about lots of things and there won't be a show tonight.

but to save the day, jeff and dwayne dream up a show at their house. A lot of phone calls, some hasty soundproofing, a couple cases of beer and an hour and a half later, and there's a sedate little gig in the living room of their big white house. cops came BEFORE the music started cos of a complaint on blueprintsea's practice space, but there's no trouble, everything goes off without a hitch. fifteen to thirty listening to each band, more hanging out on the porch, lights out, the mood's all laidback. bands got some $80 in tips alone, including one roll of quarters.

and the music? you shoulda been there. I like the john wesley coleman, the full band is great stuff. starbag from el paso has a somewhat off-putting name and some lovely tunes -- and possibly the world's only normal-looking steel guitar player. (All the steel guitar players Dwayne and I have seen are like seven-foot tall ex-Marines or old grey guys who are a little off. Usually there's a sleazy moustache involved.)

fablefactory played a as a duo, from artsy/goofball ogre-mask storytelling antics to neutral milk-ish vulnerable-sounding ballads to peyote singalongs. bird dog of kentucky closed out the late night, four guitars and no drums: two acoustic, one electric and one bass, all distinct and clear. starbag and bird dog would fit in well with the denton scene -- like pleasant grove's transplanted brothers or something.

I went to bed around 3, but some of the band guys stayed up till 6 playing and singing themselves to sleep.

it was a good, good night. go denton.


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