[[groovy musics: Thermals, Abe Froman]]

9:57 a.m. // 15 April 2003

Yesterday a bug died in my eye. (I was biking through a swarm of gnats.)

Also yesterday, we saw bands at 1919: Retro-Spectro (third time I've seen them in two days!), Rise and Shine (first time I've seen 'em; I can smell the baba ghanouj from here), this touring band called Shotwell, The Devil is Electric (who played 10 percent better), and the Chop-Saki's.

I finished Fast Food Nation, why have I not yet automatically turned into a vegetarian? Because I am weak and because Dwayne buys ham for lunch. mmm, nitrates. Now I'm reading Spoiled, which is probably going to be put me off food altogether.

dwayne asked me yesterday: "Where is Indiana?" and I like almost crashed my car because I hate stupid questions. so I said: "I'm not going to tell you."


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