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1:47 p.m. // 11 March 2003

I don't know how to treat this news, but so my website comes up as number 5 when you search for bird humping on MSN.

Hunter and I went to Austin this weekend for the AP (barbed) wirehandlers conference and we got to stay in the weird-shaped Holiday Inn. Dwayne went along with us and kept himself amused by going to all of the record stores like twice.

We went with Mark and Jennifer to Mother's (yum) and to the {fray} storytelling night, which was really long and occasionally dull, but there were a lot of good stories told. and it got me to thinking about what a story is, what an individual considers to be a story and important enough to share with a crowd of strangers.

At 33 Degrees I finally got ahold of the Judy's Washarama, in really good shape for $20. yeah! I also got the Woozyhelmet cd-r and 7-inches by Junior Varsity and this rad Japanese band Panther. Dwayne got the Rock and Roll Adventure Kids 7" and feels vindicated because it sounds even more distorted than his band's record. the lowest of the fi's. I also got some snakepits because I wanted to read them all at rick's house.

I just sold my Ash Free All Angels on swappingtons to someone in Australia and all I want to know is, when did Ash explode? 1977 was THE soundtrack to the summer I turned seventeen, but now all they do is ballads and they're huge in Japan and they're big enough that they have to go to Havana to make music videos.

It's very weird. I guess it's like how when I stopped paying attention to They Might Be Giants they went and got all buddy-buddy with McSweeney's, and how I don't even know what is up with Blur these days.


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