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11:33 p.m. // 11 January 2004

Today d. and I didn't even leave the house. Dwayne never even put shoes on -- the most he was outside was when he stood on the back patio in his stocking feet and pajamas to send off NTX et al.

Slept in past noon, then made vegan banana pancakes for us and the band. Brandon the guitarist asked if he could help so he made almost all of the pancakes. (I didn't realize until we ate most of them that the pancakes were underdone. That's why they tasted a little funny.) Dwayne and I made the best coffee (for once, we used both French presses).

Dwayne and I played with my new amp after the band left. I am trying to do some soloing stuff. Then we pretended to take a nap, then we made lentil soup and sweet potatoes and brown rice and got some pita bread for dinner. Josh and Nazli and Chris came over, and we watched Hedwig and almost all of its accompanying making-of doc, which turned out to be incredibly long, though interesting.

Too much TV makes me restless while it puts most everyone else to sleep.

Last night was the Heather's birthday bash show at the rbbrglvs. I hadn't seen Silver Arrows for so long -- they sounded pretty hott. Then BOOKS!!! and then Treewave, who had technical difficulties at first. They are intriguing. They make music with vintage computer equipment (including a dot matrix printer keeping the beat).

NTX + Electric did their thing. Unfortunately, everyone left (suckahs). Tex was wearing all white including an all-tore-up white rabbit fur coat. (I asked him if it was the deth fur but apparently that's something even skankier.) There's something inherently creepy about really old fur coats.

A C.F. had told me something veddy interesting just before the NTX set started, so while I was tapping my foot and shaking my head I was also doing some serious thinking. In due time, in due time.

We tore off to J.H.'s house but there was no bonfire as promised, though there was Aqua Teen, Will Ferrell galore and frozen p-p-p-pizza. TV is a timesuck and a conversationkillah and no one really talkd at this party. It was past 4 when we left, and once we got here everyone got to yappin' and we didn't tuck in till 5:30 a.m. Tex. and Br. played with the jukebox and looked through 7-inches while Ca. and Er. were trying to learn card tricks with Dwayne.

I gave J.H. a one-arm hug last night, in an attempt to express some sort of sympathy without trying to verbalize things. I know you're supposed to express your feelings through words, and that the simplest of words can mean so much, and all that. But I also think being given time to forget about your grief and return to some sense of normalcy can be healing in its own way. Does that make sense?


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