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2:42 a.m. // 10 February 2004

It was a good show at J&J's -- the Impossible Shapes from Indiana, a rock-solid Blueprint Sea, the brand new Spitfire Tumbleweeds and the cover-free Zest of Yore. Dwayne ran sound and I, um, clapped really loud.

Go here and look for my name (under M).

I made up this drink after having something similar at C'est La Vie, the newest European/Middle Eastern cafe/bakery in town:

Nutty Banana Drink
Assemble the following and blend well:

  • A banana
  • A spoon or two of maple syrup or honey (depends how sweet you want it)
  • A spoon of peanut butter
  • Some rice milk (eyeball it to make a glassful of the drink -- or less if you want it thicker)
    Yum. (If you use maple syrup, then vegan yum.) Rice milk tastes really, really good, but I guess you could do soy or even cow-y milk.


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