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3:02 a.m. // 04 August 2002

images from Denton and beyond:

kyle, visiting. note the fantastic eerie red glow.

hunter & harmony, the latter having bolted town lately.

by hunter's new house.

when we got lost trying to find wash. sq. {the New York photos start here.}

I can't believe how phenomenal my little camera makes window-shots look. there's no flash and ergo no glare so that reflections on glass come through in un-fucking-believable glory.

aaaah! patriotism: has it gone too far?

hey there mister!

our host, ryanpants.

yum yum vegetarian buddhist.

hey hey hip kids!

we went to park slope one day.

"Is that a LOMO?" he said from behind the counter almost taller than my reach. What happens when short people come into the store I wanted to know.


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