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11:16 p.m. // 03 February 2005

My PowerBook's not dead. Dwayne and I took it to the Apple store in Plano and signed up for a spot at the Genius Bar, projected for two hours later. But a non-Genius employee happened to have the same G3 and told me how to do a power reset. I didn't know about this thing, "power reset," it's not something you have to do on desktop computers. Anyway, we headed to the food court and booted up.

I want to commend this employee, like give him a tip or something, 'cause he's still rockin' a G3 laptop and drooling over a G5, talking about driving a car from 1992. And he helped me out.

It's my lucky day. My favorite thermos that I left in the fridge at work and I thought got thrown away? It reappeared today. Apparently it's been there, but whenever I looked it was hidden behind other people's crap. Anyway, it's been sitting there full of rice milk since Oct. 13. The contents were a little chunky on the bottom, a little moldy on the top. But not too badly fermented.

My sister wants fuschia for her bridesmaids' dresses? Isn't that, like, outlawed by now?


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