[[groovy musics: numbers, riverboat gamblers]]

12:33 a.m. // 12 November 2003

I used to be friends with the squirrels but now I am fighting against them to find all the pecans in my back yard and ferret them away for future pie. They were all falling down today. I have never had a pecan tree before so this is very exciting; it's like an Easter egg hunt invented by nature. I had a hard time leaving for work because I kept finding more and more pecans. However, my pecans are pretty small and some of their husks have worms devouring them. eww. eww. yay.

I have to buy a nut cracker, or something more advanced, if I am ever to get on this pecan pie thing.

I got a flu shot today. I think it is from killed swine virus? I don't know. I might get sick tomorrow because I've never had one.

I wanted to practice today because I like practicing (and I need to). But instead somebody else practiced in the practice space and no arrangements were made for practicing in a practice space other than the practice space. So Dwayne and I watched the Friends Forever DVD. I want to see them again again again now now now. Also, I got the Numbers CD from work and I decided they sound like Bis would sound like if Bis had kept forging ahead instead of turning down the road of sucky trashy eurodisco.


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