[[groovy musics: up the voltage, this bike is a pipe bomb]]

4:23 p.m. // 26 September 2003

ARGH. OH GHOD. why did I mince up a habanero pepper and then taste it even though I decided not to use it? my thumb is burning and my upper lip is on FIRE.

Wednesday night was the Mexican Blackbirds who are on Dirtnap. They were cool. They were burning up in this weather because they are wimpy people from the Northeast. Dwayne said: "Like the French?" Mister Furious sounded good. EBP is not my style of music. The bassist ripped off a cymbal and smashed up his bass at the end of the set, busting all the strings and taking a big notch out of the neck. Too bad there were only like eight people watching, all of them horrified or disinterested. It was screwed up.


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