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10:23 a.m. // 29 April 2005

Last night at work the electricity cut out three times, which wreaked havoc with the computers, the servers and our workflow. My G4 already has serious problems running OS9 (Cody says he's going to give me a new hard drive), and each power outage and each e-mail or software freeze-up just means that I have to restart four more times (twice from the DVD, once from OSX, and then again in 9).

Last night I dreamed I was trying to play piano, but the lamp lighting the sheet music kept burning out, then wouldn't stay in place, and then the piano crashed and I kept having to reboot.

On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week I worked 24.5 hours. That's three days of work condensed into two days. I have been eating a lot of meals at my desk, which is my barometer of how busy I am.


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