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1:44 a.m. // 18 November 2003

Aha! I got a pomegranate shipment from the Will Rice Fruit Company. Ajeet sent me six little pomegranates from his folks' yard. They are the BEST I've had (and I haven't had many pomegranates, but I love them) because the hard part in the seeds is very small. I tore into one as soon as I got the box. They ain't pretty on the outside, let me tell you. THANK YOU IRONFIST! (I should send him something in return -- native pecans? -- because the shipping on the box was an outrageous seven bucks. But I can't send him anything now, for, it seems, he is in Hong Kong.)

Tonight, along with D. & J. & N., I ate chili at the residence of Chloe and John -- D. & J.'s old bandmate from way back when in the V00D00 H0NKYS in Palestine, TX. (Tease them about it sometime.) It was a very beefy chili with the occasional kidney bean. I've been eating fish every so often, but this is the first meat I've had since Doyle's going-away party at Burger Barn. OK, that was only a couple weeks ago. Maybe a month. I don't call myself a vegetarian. I will eat meat when (1) it's served to me, or (2) when I'm at a restaurant and I really really really want it. Which means it will probably be beef because I don't often harbor a hankering for chicken.

I was really surprised to see the second series of Jeeves & Wooster on their DVD shelf, so John happily lent it to me. The show is awesome for the intro alone.

I will tell this story for Ajeet's sake, because he seems to like outlandish stories about my parents. So my mom was waiting for my dad while he was out running the Vancouver marathon a month or two ago. She was tired of waiting so she wanted to take a nap in the car, which was parked in an unsavory part of town -- in fact, she warned me about this particular area because apparently you can walk down the street and look at all the druggies lying dirty on the ground. Her words, not mine.

This guy with a big coat was walking around and acting suspiciously, going back and forth. Then he broke into the car that was parked behind my mom's and started removing the stereo. My mom, sitting in the car with the window down, started shouting at him repeatedly: "What are you doing?! You're not supposed to do that! Don't do that! What are you doing!!" She didn't dare get out of the car. The guy answered back: "It's my car! I'm just removing the radio!" It only took him a minute to get the radio out, and he took off running. My mom got out of the car and ran after him! She was looking around for someone to tell, but she couldn't see anyone. Then two police officers appeared and she told them who to go chase down. They tackled him and later asked my mom for a witness statement. She said, "Well, I'm not from here, but I can tell you about what happened." It turned out the cop was born in Texas.


[[Talking points to this story: (1) My mom had a conversation with a criminal as he was committing his crime?!?!?! (2) My mom RAN AFTER the suspect?!?!?! Clearly, this is the awesomest story in the world.]]


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