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9:33 a.m. // 23 November 2005

I had another post-apocalyptic dream last night. Well, a pre-apocalyptic dream, more like. Mainly I am packing my backpack. There is some unspoken but impending disaster looming, and we must all pack the essentials and leave home.

For some reason, in these dreams, what I choose to pack almost never includes food or water. (Actually, it resembles what I normally pack for a trip away.) In these dreams the food and water is provided for, apparently by the government, survivalist skills and/or looting.

Also in these dreams, Dwayne is often missing because he's at work or elsewhere. This doesn't seem to trouble me because I am so busy filling my backpack.

Things I think of to take: two of my favorite shirts, jeans, glasses (not contacts), a sleeping bag, a pocketknife, my camera (though it may not be possible to develop the film), and my knitting (because it's very boring at the end of the world, and I might need a sweater later).


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