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2:53 a.m. // 11 December 2006

I got promoted at work. This is the same job I was offered more than a year ago, but somehow this time it seems not so daunting. Shoes to fill aren't as big as they were -- not that S. wasn't a good boss, just a more laidback one than L., who was about the best boss you could've worked for. I'd wish he were staying but he's going to caring for his baby due to arrive today, which is sweet and noble.

As long as J. will be my deputy, we'll be doing great. He is my friend and my trusty co-worker.

Dwayne and I drove up to Durant, Okla., to see Loretta Lynn play. Her show was amazing and worth the drive; the atmosphere was weird because the show was in a casino coliseum that usually hosts ridin' and ropin'. We killed time after the show in the deathly boring mall of electronic slots, because we were trying to avoid the fatally slow traffic jam to get out of the parking lot.

We imagine she won't, or shouldn't, tour any more because she had to take a number of breaks during the show -- sitting down to perform, motioning for the soundguy to turn the backup singers up when she couldn't rightly finish a song, letting the backup guys do a couple numbers. And also in the middle of the show, she did a short Q&A, during which women kept coming up to tell her how much they love her (along with the obligatory upstart 15-year-old country singer who wants to know what advice she would give to an aspiring musician).

But through it all -- through all the apologies, even -- her voice is still there. Some women sing with an "old lady" kind of voice. She still has the same velvety-sweet voice she ever did.


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