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10:04 a.m. // 02 March 2004

So yesterday I went to my family's house and cooked dinner for them because I wanted my mom to stop being mad at me. Okay, so she wasn't mad, so everything worked out fine. I made ravioli filled with butternut squash, onions and French raclette (oops, I doubt that's how it's spelled). I made a "sauce" of olive oil, lemon, oven-roasted tomatoes, black pepper, fresh basil (find it cheap at an Asian market), parmesan reggiano, toasted pine nuts, baby portobellos.

I spent like $10 on cheese alone. I spent a total of like $100 at the Asian grocery and W. Foods, though granted I now have a well-stocked pantry and freezer. It took me an hour to get through each store because I have to look at every little thing. The French cheese was a recommendation of the borderline flirty guy (possibly Filipino?) behind the counter at W. Foods. All I really wanted was to ask him: "HOW did you get to know SO MUCH about CHEESE?"

I didn't get home till nearly 11. All I did yesterday was take care of cats, drive, shop for a dress and not buy one, shop for food and buy a ton of it, cook, eat, drive.

Dwayne says Joe asked the two of us to be in his non-emo project. He wants two bass guitars, keyboards, no drummer. His band (henceforth to be known in this online diary as "the M'd M.") is planning to break up, even though they get a shout-out in like every other issue of MRR, and even though I don't want to see them break up. I'm rather flattered that Joe thought of me -- although maybe it's kind of like a package deal with Dwayne. But, like Updike's Rabbit, I have a fear of being found out for being something I'm not. (IN THIS CASE, A MUSICIAN.)


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