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3:11 a.m. // 01 March 2004

Today was Jackson 8 recording day at chez JC. I didn't know I was supposed to be anxious, then Nazli asked just before we started whether I was nervous. Then I started going crazy from playing the same song too many times. Then I had to lie down on the floor. Then I had, like, a low-level panic attack the entire day.

It's very frustrating. I told Dwayne under my breath that I was gonna quit. In the end, I had to go back and overdub a lot of the keys. My playing is more sluggish than tight, but knock the keys deep into the mix and they'll be serviceable.

My dad: When will it be on Billboard?
Me: It won't be on Billboard!
My dad: Norah Jones was. How many copies are you going to sell, eighteen?

We recorded the day away, so then we had to rush to ol' M.P.'s right after. The touring act tonight had to cancel hours before the show because of a family emergency. Somehow the various Spifire Tumbleweeds were able to draft Mike McN. and part of Currnt Lvs to open. Everyone sounded great -- it was a good country-ish Sunday. More like the kind of thing you'd see at Slow-Cooked Sunday if Steve's was still around. I think S.T. are my new favorite Denton band.

Tomorrow I'm going to Plano. Gonna try to find me a groomsmaid dress. Gonna cook dinner for my family because I want my mom to stop being mad at me for not keeping in touch.


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