[[groovy musics: some bleugrass (oops) bluegrass gospel stuff, Aqueduct]]

1:05 p.m. // 25 February 2005

The Sunday record swap did good. A little over thirty people showed up, so it was fun and there were a good lot of people without it getting rowdy. We knew everyone save like two dudes.

Johnny Carson busked in the living room to like eight or ten people, but at least I was smiling the whole time. Landrest played a good, loud set, but people didn't really show up until the last song. That's because everyone in Denton likes to be Latey McLatecomerington. The Hex, who came from Oklahoma, won over people (Dwayne didn't tell me they had a banjo!). Shiny (four-piece version) sounded awesome. Their seven-year-old friend was excited to see them at her first rock show, even though she fell asleep on her feet when midnight rolled aound.

Everyone who brought records to trade left with at least one good thing. Me: a crazy organ record, a '50s Sears instructional guitar record, and two mystery "Recordio Discs" (people'd put money into a machine to record a track onto a flimsy bit of vinyl).

I made more than a pound of hummus. Not all of it got eaten up, but three pounds of carrots disappeared (mostly into Rick). Only one pot of coffee got drunk (it was too hot out). Also there was beer and wine that showed up.

Jeff left this note on a discarded business card in the bathroom:
Dear Dwayne + Mariel,
Thank you for having a bathroom that smells so nice. It makes all the rock'n'roll, and the blood, and tears more agreeable.

The funny thing is that the reason the bathroom smelled "nice" is because someone used mah par-foom (girly pink eau de toilette given to me by Dwayne's stepmom) to cover up a stink.

We bought a sweet vintage Farfisa off eBay. It should be coming today.

Last night Dwayne broke into Fishboy's car. Actually I guess it was Cavedweller's car. Fishboy locked the keys inside the Malibu so we went around the block to get a hanger from the house. We sussed out his car and Dwayne jimmied the door open on his second try. He sidled up to Fishboy still inside the pizza place and slipped him his keys, slick as anything.

Dwayne was only surprised that Fishboy was not as surprised as Dwayne thought he should have been.

An hour before the party my mom called me crying because my parents had a bad fight. My dad broke a lot of things. I guess I was supposed to be the mediator. I cried because I originally misunderstood my mom through her tears and thought she was calling to tell me my dad died.

I don't really want to talk about it. I guess they're better now.


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