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2:57 p.m. // 04 August 2003

yesterday I got to go to the record swap at 1919 with Dwayne. I had boxes of free CDs that I don't want no more. People came away happy with one or two good finds; only two guys left with a fistful apiece. That's because it was all shite. So the size of the pile did not noticeably decrease.

I traded this spazzy girl my Deathray Davies T-shirt for her Never Mind the Bollocks on vinyl. And I traded GoGoGo Airheart and other stuff for AC/DC's Back in Black, a gift for Mr. Dwayne Ray. And I sold a videotape of Dogma for $2, and Sandinista! on vinyl for $5 and a couple of CDs. Why did I sell Sandinista!? Because I only like the first two songs. I got Sad Like Crazy (I've never heard them but they were popular stuff my last year in Houston) and Uz Jsme Doma's The Ears (which I had for a little while and then gave to Robert Reichle). I bought Skunky Beaumont and a 7-inch by the Nation of Ulysses. There were bands at 1919 too, but they were all too hardcore for me.

Dwayne bought ben s.p.'s zine about his ex-wife, which is a very sad story.

Today I woke up at 7:20 and planted potatoes (purple and red, and sweet potatoes) and then I started Jimmy Corrigan. I read and read and read and read, then I napped and napped, and then I read and read and read and read and read and now I'm finished.


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