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11:36 a.m. // 15 December 2003

I sucked on the keyboard line of "Christmas Wrapping" on Saturday night. Otherwise I think I did okay. I just agonize over small things. We had to play at like 9:45. I was running in between Dan's and my work and RGRS all night, to practice and help get stuff loaded and then not really know when we were suppoed to play, while helping Dalton with the paper.

Jeff said it's all in how you hold your mouth and I'm supposed to not bite my mouth like I just screwed up, because otherwise no one will notice. I should have wrapped the scarf around my face.

everyone liked the jackson8 Christmas song. I want them to play it the next two shows. (I don't play on it, it's too chaotic already.)

Sunday morning Dwayne and I went to go see my dad finish the Dallas marathon. It is like his 14th one so it is old hat to him now, but it'll never cease to be impressive. We kept losing him in the crowds. Then we went to eat at Souper Salads.

D. and I were gonna go to 1919 to see BOOKS!!! and some other bands, but instead I went to work for three hours because Saddam Hussein got captured. Also, we were tired. I kept falling asleep at work for a half-hour.

Saturday was the last day they served food at Tara Pherma, and then they had a closing party Sunday night. Dwayne and I stopped by for a little bit, but it was mostly hippies we don't know and we don't know what to do with ourselves at parties. We (he) talked to the people we do know and then took off. Denton's only vegetarian restaurant is closing, at least for now, because they can't find a suitable space to rent. sniff.


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