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4:00 p.m. // 10 December 2003

How come we keep saving these kitties' lives, and then they squander their second chance by dying?

Mau-Mau aka Brak aka The Brat aka Bernard was hit by a car around Thanksgiving. Dalton was going to bring him back to Denton over Christmas; I rescued him from underneath my house, then gave him to Dalton, who palmed him off to his mom for kitty reform school. Last I had heard was that he was happy and not biting every finger in sight.

now I have to stop pestering Dalton "How's Brak?" every couple weeks.

Son aka Lil' Tyke, rescued by Hunter not once but twice, was sent off to his parents because he was pooping everywhere so he couldn't be an indoors cat. He was also hit by a car, or hurt by something, after Thanksgiving.

sniff sniff.


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