[[groovy musics: I have robot mind.]]

2:35 a.m. // 30 September 2004

J8 did the ladyfest bb fund-raiser at J&J's a little while ago, before I fell asleep. I get all worked up about not having touched an instrument for a week and a half before a show, and it turns out fine, because there are only roughly a dozen people there. it's loose and fun. and the landrest ROBOT SONG is still going through my head.

I worked twelve hours yesterday. writing and covering grapevine for josh O.

I invented a vegan candybar last week. The huge batch of rice cereal treats, I sliced it up and dipped it in vegan dark chocolate. AHA!

Dwayne's 30th birthday is Saturday. we are playing that night for Ladyfest, and on Sunday we are going to make ice cream and invite people over. I do not have a gift for him; I mean to buy him a set of tires.

How to google this page:
"Ernie's Hits"
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buxom beautease
"cowboy" "his stocking feet"
i grabbed his balls
down load musics and songs
pictures of breaking hearts
geeks sucking dick [coming in at #3!!!!!!!!]
horny family members
grabbed his balls
hair pie
purple hearts thrift store
funny sex drunk photos
"Alpha Gamma Delta Initiation" (#1 -- AWESOME!!!)
"ntx electric" +2004 -village
make marshmallow guns
rattan desk organizer
horny young (somebody searched on lycos.de)
open a gourmet cheese shop
Dwayne Morrissey
abandoned baby kitty
what do geeks wear
fix bathtub drain leak
rascality reichle
driving in bare feet
teased bouffants
whirly whistle


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