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1:333 p.m. // 13 December 2004

(I typo'd the time but I decided I like the way it looks. See above.)

I am eating a baguette with tomatoes, greens and slightly moldy Edam. Actually, I cut off the mold. It was left over from Dwayne's birthday (Oct. 2).

The band Mirah just left here. They really liked Recycled Books. This is a recurring theme with touring bands. Their tour itinerary is a little misleading, as it says they are headed now to Little Rock, Oklahoma.

I went to go see my dad finish his 18th marathon yesterday. Except we apparently got there just a few minutes late. Whoops. We clapped for runners for like 45 minutes until I decided he couldn't have been that slow. He made good time. The only problem he had was some slight nipple chafing. Not as bad as these two older guys Dwayne and I saw. yike.

Then we did some unsuccessful shopping, then we came home and cooked for Mirah. Except that they forgot they were going to have dinner on us, and they wound up eating at Chopsticks. (That means tonight I am inviting some people over for leftovers -- a 4.5-pound spaghetti squash with tofu-y red sauce.) Their show was great -- the house was packed, though smoky as usual, and the sound was excellent. The band was amazing. Every once in a while, Mable's pulls off a really, really nice show.

Also: the guitar/lap steel player Alex has homemade organic sauerkraut for sale amidst the merch. that's my kind of band. Also: they have harnesses made of ex-bike innertubes.

I found out that no less than three sets of my friends plan to get married next year, all in the Bay Area. I am going to rack up frequent flier miles.

I need to take my The Fold photos now.


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