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3:54 a.m. // 19 January 2004

A man driving a pickup asked for directions while I was pumping gas today. Actually, he asked if one of my two male friends inside my car could give directions. He said he was supposed to meet with a friend who told him to turn onto Teasley, but Teasley actually dead-ends.

So he asks: "How do I get to the neighborhood where all the blacks live?"

I was kind of floored but I told him to go down the street and look for the SE Denton sign.

"Is that the neighborhood where the blacks live?" he asked.

I said, "Uh, yes, that's where a large number of minorities live."

He kind of chuckled to himself at the words and noted that he was a minority himself. He was white, maybe Hispanic. I don't know what his business there was but this whole thing didn't feel quite right.

Aside from questionable dealings and throwing my two bits in, today was a good day. Mehul came to visit and Dwayne and I took him out to Brickhaus for brunch/lunch and showed him around our lil' town. Chris J. came over and pulled out his magic wand and somehow found 40 extra cable channels for us, including MTV and VH1 and (bless his heart) Cartoon Network. I don't know if we're supposed to be getting all these channels or not, but don't tell the cable company and you can grab a spot on our couch for Adult Swim.

Then we went for coffee with J. & N., and Johann came in all set to play and sing. "I'm Johann, and this is Phillip, Phill-up the Tip Jar." The Prisks terrorized the rest of us in gin rummy, then we went to my house and ordered pizza that took three million years to come. Then Mr. Prisk beat us all in Trivial Pursuit Pop Culture, which is a great game. A great game that I am compelled TO WIN AT ALL COSTS.


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