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2:10 a.m. // 28 January 2004

Last night went to the Sex Workers Art Show at rgrs. Ex- and current prostitutes and masseurs and sex educators and dancers and activists and more, reading from their writings, playing music, dancing and teaching people how to dance, telling stories and cracking jokes. You should definitely go see it.

Mark sent me another group e-mail asking who's coming to the wedding. I don't know if I can go (it all depends on the work schedule, and whether or not Hunter stays or goes, etc.). Mark wants to know if I want to wear a dress or a tux.

Hunter had the last of his SEVEN interviews in Dallas. I am sad that my best friend at work is planning to leave. We started the same week -- I think he was there a day or two earlier. But he is ambitious, whereas I am unwilling to move to the big city.

Van Morrissey the van is roadworthy once again. Dwayne took it to the mechanic to get fixed. G--dyear gave a quote of $900 or more to fix the brakes; Strande fixed what needed to be fixed (the master cylinder), plus they fixed the broken gas gauge, for under $200. Shop local, indeed. The mystery tank is no longer the mystery tank.


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