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1:13 p.m. // 01 May 2006

Last weekend was San Francisco. First, I left my red glasses at SFO, although I didn't know it at the time. Last time I checked, the lost and found didn't have 'em. ... Dwayne and I rented a car and went over to Japantown for sushi boats and dollar store (where I bought a questionable back massager), then to Union Square area for shopping and down Market Street for vegetarian Neatloaf.

This visit we stayed at Char and Ed's cool house in Sunnyvale. Their roommate Ian must've seen the look in my eyes when I asked about his Apple sweatshirt, because he invited us to lunch at the Apple campus (sushi, lush salads, pizza baked in a wood-fired oven) and let me run rampant in the company store. I was going to buy a nano but Char wrested it from my grip so she could claim it was a wedding gift.

Later we watched the Bettie Page movie at a vintage dome-shaped movie theater (two screens, each taking up half of the dome). We were lazy Friday and Dwayne sang too much karaoke. There was a slumber party followed by Saturday brunch.

Charlin's dogs freaked out like never before when the mailman showed up and she got bit in the frightening melee. She went to the ER while Dwayne and I went to the low-key Jardina-Stoler wedding. We are in love with their house. Then we had to dash off to Dave's sushi birthday party.

Sammy K. made us a mountain of Korean food on Sunday, then we rolled ourselves onto the plane outta there.

This trip we did less city-seeing and more hanging-out. Very agreeable.

The previous weekend we were in Cleveland for the copy editors' conference. Yes, I met some interesting folk and learned a lot, but the main thing is: They were filming scenes for on our street. It was the second unit so there were no stars, but Dwayne and I had fun spotting the fakes. There were parked cars chained to the street, ready to be smashed up and a few rigged with hydraulics for flipping action; fake NYC window displays in the many vacant storefronts on Euclid Avenue (smoothie and eyeglass shops springing up overnight); a Manhattan-style newsstand; posters for shows from last year; etc.

Also we went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. The Otis Redding plane remnants (one jagged piece says "Otis," the other says "Redding") is like to break my heart.


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