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7:35 a.m. // 07 January 2003

Sunday Byron, in town, organized a ol' Jones get-together over brunch at Cafe Brazil. There were: Byron, Michelle B., Phil, Agnes and her Nathan, Richard, Nitin, and me and Dwayne tagging along. The food was subpar (at their busiest meal of the week), but the times were good.

Yesterday I drove to Plano to try to exchange some Christmas gifts at Lord & Taylor -- pajamas too big and underwear too big. Pajamas were a no-go. I felt very out of place in this, this upscale mall.

I roamed Foley's for something like an hour, going upstairs and downstairs and back again trying to find something to spend my $30 gift card on. No dice. I've done this at least three times, tried to find something to purchase and turned up empty-handed. There is nothing in the department store for me (except the Dutch kettle that comes only as a part of a set of pots and pans I don't need).

Yet I have NO PROBLEM at all spending some $50 at Central Market, at least $20 of it on produce, if not on citrus alone. It was like a toy store to me. I got sweet limes and navel oranges and a box of California clementimes and a Japanese sweet potato and a purple Hawaiian sweet potato and blackcurrant cider and hyacinth tea and red tea and lots of spices and arame and two blocks of cheese, Emmentaler and Asiago.

I also looked at this. It's ten bucks and way creepy: Buddha's hand.


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