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11:00 a.m. // 07 February 2003

last night I took half the day off so I could be sure I wouldn't miss the Mystery Girls, who we hear are on the up and coming. woooo harmonica! also that band that everytime I see them I like even more, the Marked Men. And Dwayne's friends' new pop thing Solarcon 6, who may or may not be new new wave, not sure, plus a violin (viola?) and great boy-girl vocals that bounce off each other.

it wasn't a big show though it was decent. at least I made neat flyers, probably the coolest I've done in terms of having an actual concept (the marked MEN vs. the mystery GIRLS) All the emo kids from a 50-mile radius were lined up AROUND THE BUILDING to see cursive at rgrs; rachel had to work door and I told her I was SO sorry. All the punk kids were at the like five-band punk show at dan's starring guyana punchline and la fin du monde and ...of death WHO I WILL NEVER GET TO SEE and stuff. actually I can't say for certain that all the punk kids were there, because there was nobody there at 7:20 (when the show was allegedly supposed to have started by) and the whole place was pitch-black at 1:30 a.m. The punk kids weren't at mable's, that's for sure. what, did they all go to austin to record? or they were all at cursive.

also, I am at my sister's computer and it looks like she bought some crocodile hunter valentine cards (with tattoos).


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