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9:34 a.m. // 02 September 2004

Better now. The dr. put me on antibiotics. I seem to have forgotten that my doctor is actually a good doctor, even though I did pick him kind of at random, based on who could see me that day two years ago. He's good at explaining things to you. He remembered that my mom had diagnosed my case of mono, and then when he realized that that was two years ago, he was very surprised at his memory.

The only count against him is that his office is decorated in creepy country-clutter and garage sale style, though. Also, the magazines are not that good.

I went to get my prescription filled at the super old-school pharmacy near my house. I was disappointed when the employee said they don't take my HMO, but then she checked the price and my antibiotics only cost $6.44. I said, good, I'd rather not go to a chain drugstore anyway. There are black-and-white photos of the original pharmacist all over the shop, and he's still working there today. I like that.

Dwayne and I haven't really been to any shows for some time. Both of us were feeling sick and run-down for a while. We decided that the last show we went to was the 24th, when at RGRS. Dwayne's voice was waning so he didn't sing -- Nazli and Josh sang their songs, and each took a turn on one of Dwayne's songs, and our friend Chris B. did "Where's My Soul" with the rock intensity.

It was interesting to have to work with a limitation like that. It made for a great, energetic show -- people in the audience were grabbing the mic to do backup singing.

computertan told me he could hear the keyboard really well (although no one else I talked to could). He said, "You had some real Monks moments," and I had to have him explain who the Monks were. (He told me they were four G.I.'s who all went AWOL at the same time, but come to find out that's not exactly true. But it's a good story.) He also said: "I've never heard you play too quiet," twice, because he was kind of drunk.


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