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2:20 a.m. // 12 October 2003

Tonight we saw Jetscreamer at fat daddy's, a bar that makes me feel really awkward. They have a really stupid dress code. Like, I can't tell if this is a joke or not.

So, the Jetscreamer was highly enjoyable. I got there too late for Faux Fox because of work, and I don't really like the Paperchase. (neither do dwayne.) Who put together this bill? It's very mishmash.

On Friday, just like Thursday, I left the house an hour before work so I could walk to the Fry area and put up Mable's fliers. I was walkin down the Fulton way and this dude was walking the same direction, same pace, on the other side of the street for several blocks. He even stopped to fuck with his shoelace one time when he was ahead of me. I really should have turned off onto Congress to try to shake him. Instead I kept walking dead ahead trying to pick up the pace so I could pass him.

But of course he finally gets up the nerve to go, "Hey. Hey. Do you mind if we walk together?" He's a young dullard wearing shorts and a bigshirt and he wants to know if I go to school because I bet he was going to be all chivalrous and walk me to fuckin' class. He says he doesn't go to school, he wants to go to community college so he can become a mechanic. "I know it gets lonely when you're walking by yourself all over town." ACTUALLY, I ENJOY WALKING BY MYSELF. "Hey, we don't have to walk together if you don't want to. I'll go back to the other side of the street if you want me to. Hey, we should cross to the other side of the street cuz there's branches and shit up there, pardon my language."

half a block later I gotta cut across the baptist church parking lot anyway so I can lose this dipshit. of course he parts with the inevitable, "Do you have a boyfriend?" FUCKIN SUAVE DUDE.

FUCKIN FUCKS. It's a relief when I go to the vintage store and mike gambler is working inside, actually, that is, eating a takeout salad by the cash register. NORMAL PEOPLE CONVERSATION for once. jesus.


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