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11:46 a.m. // 10 November 2003

timonium is sleeping at my house now. Well, at least two-thirds of the members are. The third guy went off drinking last night at someone else's house and I guess he crashed there. they are a very mellow, gentle indie pop kinda band, but the neat thing is that their music never stays the same -- it's always evolving.

I was running the door last night and I was depressed until about 11:15 because no one was showing up. Then people started turning up and it was a good show. Bridges & Blinking Lights -- why the hell have I not seen them before? they were excellent, and it wasn't even the full band. They fit in nicely with that countryish Denton indie sound.

D. and I were kind of beat yesterday because we went to six flags all day. The parent company of the place where Nazli and I work rented out the park for the day, and after sleeping in and eating croissants and waiting for the last-minute addition of Jeff (Josh had to work OT), we set off for the park about noon. These are the rides we went on:

  • The mine car roller coaster. Not the mini-mine car one. In line ahead of us were these two middle school boys with shaggy Strokes haircuts and vintage-looking '70s coats. When did kids start to get so hip? None of the other kids we saw all day was were hip. Even these brothers' friends weren't hip. What gives? My answer: maybe they're in Eisley.
  • The Texas Tornado swings. I really like these but Nazli chickened out.
  • Mr. Freeze. This was awesome. The line was comparatively bad though.
  • The Batman ride. There was no line, except for being in the very front. Dwayne, Jeff and I sat in front and it was very thrilling without scaring the hell out of me. I like rides that do lots of twists and turns, not ones with near-freefall drops.
  • We ate some nasty food: I had a huge dry pretzel with canned cheese, Jeff got salty nachos, Nazli got a hot dog and dried-up french fries, and Dwayne got a $6 pizza with an oil slick on top.
  • Jeff and Dwayne rode the Superman Tower of Power, which sounds phallic but involves going up and down really fast. I don't like going up and down really fast. They said they were levitating in their seats for a second.
  • Jeff and Dwayne rode the Titan. Dwayne was glad someone wanted to ride with him. He didn't get to go last year because I refused to, even though (and this is the part that made him mad) I rode it the year before. That's because I was with three rambunctious boys who started off with the Titan first thing, so I didn't have time to go yellowbellied.
  • Runaway Mine Car ride in the dark. There was no line, just a really long walk to get there. Nazli screamed the entire time, and only the four of us were on the ride.
  • Then the park closed at 6 even though we weren't expecting it, and Nazli didn't get to ride the carousel (she only rode two rides).

    Tonight we get to practice and then d. and I are going to J&J's to see WJH and JC but especially Johann, whom we have known for some time but never seen perform except in his living room.

    mundanely yours,

    [[6:12 p.m. addendum -- the band finally left around 5:30!!! they didn't wake up until like 1, and they spent like 5,000,000,000,000,000 hours at Recycled. I can spend the day at Recycled but I was trying not to get too lost, so even I got ready to leave before they did. I bought another Teengenerate 7-inch and I wanted to buy Sebadoh but I didn't know which one, and I wanted to buy new Calexico. And I want to buy the new GBV but I feel like maybe I have enough GBV already? I led Timonium to Seasick Records also. I like showing off Denton's cool spots, and the band had lots of fun. (Also, my Friends Forever DVD finally came in, praise be.) Last night Dwayne said something cute: "Timonium is my favorite band to stay at our house."]]


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