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11:16 a.m. // 12 March 2003

more austin notes:

In the funny-shaped hotel room Dwayne and I couldn't stop watching the second half of The Sweet Hereafter and that infomercial that features Davy Jones who looks like he came from the same robot factory as Dick Clark.

At the hotel there was the person who looked like both a man and a woman.

The stories I liked best were the ones about the 90-year-old grandfather, the one about the appendix by the guy whose delivery was too polished but still filled with frenetic energy, the one about going on kid-dates to McDonald's, and the one about getting mistaken for other people.

also, Mark has new glasses, black plastic oval frames that are unquestionably trendy, but they're still held together by a safety pin. This bowled us over, coupled with his almost respectably trimmed beard and fro.

in other news, Sam gave me cash for backing into my car, but I still think he gave me too much. especially considering I'm probably going to be too lazy to do anything to fix it. but he feels bad about it.

somebody is looking over everything next door. the other duplex unit in this house is for rent and they are being noisy. I wish someone cool would move in, even though I'm leaving here in a couple months. {{{ADDENDUM: Leaving this DUPLEX, not FOR NEW YORK CITY as some of you would want to believe.}}}


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