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11:51 a.m. // 19 March 2003

I am kind of afraid my tree is dying. I grabbed on to a huge branch and the dry wood cracked off in my hands. My landlord is going to kill me, not that I was under orders to water or fertilize it or anything. But I'm more worried about the sprites and fairies and squirrels who are going to come after me.

Last night was San Francisco's sexiest band the Lovemakers at Mable's and man, they were. Come on, for one song they played guitar with a vibrator! They got me dancing.

Monday night was the Riverboat Gamblers explosion. The Baseball Furies were all right -- the bass player kept looking up at the ceiling because he was afraid he was going to swing his arm into the chainsaw. The High Tension Wires were rockin'!

I love the soundman.

[[plus: I updated my lomohome. The other day Hiro the photographer stepped into the office all duded up in a white cowboy hat, a blue plaid shirt, a huge shiny silver belt buckle, the bluest Wranglers and brand new cowboy hoots. He had to go to a cowboy wedding.]]


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