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12:51 p.m. // 23 March 2006

The mouse is gone. We caught him via a mouse trap that Jonah found for us. Dwayne found him in the trashcan-trap the night before we had to leave for South by Southwest... he had been hiding quietly since the morning. In the dead of night we drove the mouse across town to drop him off at the disc-golf field.

South by Southwest was good this year. We crashed at Hunter's hotel; we tried to avoid waiting in lines and searching for parking spaces; we ate tons of good food, including macrobiotic buffet with Mark, tofu BBQ, real BBQ, squash and feta flautas (!!!!) and Tex-Mex (the Tex-Mex was not so good, but we got to hang out with Dalton). We saw: Morrissey, Sam Moore (ex-Sam and Dave), Tilly and the Wall, the Carrots, Thee Fine Lines and the Curse of the Shakers, all the Denton irregulars, and whatnot. Dwayne and Hunter got to see Sharon Jones while I waited in line (penance for running out to go see Best Fwends).


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