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1:52 p.m. // 02 April 2003

My tongue and my stomach wanted to write an entry. This is as far back as they can remember:

late night friday: pecan waffle, bacon, grits, two eggs over easy at waffle house, hot tea.

saturday breakfast-lunch: one organic sesame seed bagel, half of an organic poppyseed bagel, cream cheese, moonlight madness tea at cappucino cafe.

saturday dinner: grilled salmon with salt, pepper, lime juice, herbs, grilled green beans, roasted new potatoes.

sunday lunch: spinach-feta croissant from the bakery.

sunday dinner: grilled swiss on wheat, weak-ass side salad, stolen fries at cool beans.

monday lunch: karen's leftover pasta with alfredo sauce from a jar, with broccoli and a little bit of chicken.

monday dinner: carrot salad with lime juice, sugar, herbs, mark's onions, baba ghanouj, tortilla chips, spinach salad with tahini-miso dressing, leftover samosas (purple potatoes and peas inside buckwheat crust).

tuesday lunch: leftover carrot salad, leftover baba ghanouj and chips, leftover roasted potatoes, strawberries.

tuesday dinner: two tacos al pastor, one bean and cheese taco, horchata at la mexicana.

wednesday lunch: two just-hardboiled eggs (the large brown ones from ken's), one small sweet potato sliced and grilled and dipped in miso-tahini dressing, strawberries.

stuff dwayne won't eat:

  • raw tomatoes*
  • citrus fruit*
  • fruit and berries of any kind
  • fishy fish
  • mushrooms
  • raw onions
  • mangos*
    (* = gives him mouth sores)


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