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2:09 a.m. // 29 September 2003

Last night I saw Warren and the Gloomadeers -- veddy cool. It was the first time for me to hear him with the full band.

Dwayne and I went to Recycled and I bought more stuff than I should have: Champs by S. Weissman (I read it at Mable's and I like it a lot), Beauty Supply District which is supposed to be good, and a stack of seven-inches -- the Agenda's "Do the Crash! Crash!", Teen Titans (which sounds kind of Bis-y, at least in parts), Boris the Sprinkler's Mutant Pop record (I guess if I don't like it I can give it to Rick), and Punjab Rovers (which is like this band that Tjinder S. of Cornershop is in and which as it turns out is kind of too slow for me), and J Church's "Your Shirt."

Somebody evidently sold a bunch of pop-punk seven-inches to Recycled, so you should check it out. In the boxes by the rare book section. I listened to some band that Peter Bagge is in, but man, it's way too wimpy for me. Or maybe that's just cos it was a love song.

Colleen and Aaron had a cookout tonight, so I had a vegetarian brat and a ton of buttery corn. Veggie brats are definitely not as good without the sauerkraut. I loves me some sauerkraut. I made Claes run around the yard and that upset Colleen because he's not allowed to run, or something, because he sprained his leg and limps after he's been running. I apologized to Claes. Anyway, Colleen gave us some tofu dessert with ginger sauce from the cool tofu shop. She went crazy buying stuff because it was her first time there, but she hates ginger and Aaron was scared of the tofu.

I think it's funny when people are scared of tofu because I love tofu in all its many forms.

Dwayne ran sound at Mable's for a Ladyfest Biblebelt fund-raiser, and I read comix. Uh, while we were on the Square we saw a new store preparing to open -- serving 24-hour espresso. We were really happy to find out that it's being run by Rhea (sp?) esperance! At last, a locally owned 24-hour place! (Kharma is open 24 hours, but not on the weekends.) I say kudos to them.

((How come EVERYONE likes ENON? I don't get it. ????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!))


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