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11:35 p.m. // 09 June 2003

today I was walking to J&J's to go to the WOOZYHELMET/Record Hop/Brunt Sniena/Mister Angry show and there was a taranschula also walking. He was brown and black and his main body was long as my thumb. The tarantula was at 900 Panhandle. Then I got to Bolivar and Parkway and there was a rusty paint can on the corner by the dumpster. I kicked it and white paint started leaking out. Now there's probably a miniature toxic waste spill on the sidewalk there. So that is how that all started. Then at J&J's, I had the most perfect pizza (lite on the cheez, with spinach and beautiful tomato slices and the yeastiest, nicest crust).

I didn't wake up today until 11 because it's very dark in the bedroom. Hunter and I went to target to buy wedding gifts for the reporter j.b. -- there was NOTHING good left on their registry, so I had to buy rattan desk organizer things, which are all right but definitely not as cool as a blender. whatever, they will think of me whenever they pay their bills. then we intruded upon josh and nazli's new house, then we went to the cup-board and bought various groceries and non-dairy icey cream treats. Then there was the installation of bathroom hardware (towel bar and mirrored cabinet), followed by the J&J's pizza and show.

The end.


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