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11:29 a.m. // 11 July 2008

More text dumping.

DR: Woo! tomato soup and grilled cheese
Leaving now, you know how talking with old friends can be. [5/10]

DR: I love wo you. [5/11]

HH: No, everything cool is in denton and ft wth. Im going to have drinks with work girls after they see sex moofie.
Ha. Therell be anothr one there too. I refuse to order a cosmo. [5/30]

DR: Ready for phase two.

DR: This coconut bar is fab.

DR: VERRO Is cleaning our pool!! [6/14 -- we got another robot servant to do our dirty work]

DR: Several limbs down. one tomato cage. lots of leafs in the pool. [6/17 -- stormy]

DR: arthur is sleeping, i will have to mow in the morning [6/20]

DR: I will go home whenever you would like if you want to ride together
I know you s busy.
WAA??? [6/21]

DR: Phone is working fine [6/22 -- he took it swimming]

SS: Yo girl. Happy birthday! Whens your next west coast tour?
Dude. Sandheep
Ah so this is yo #? How the heck id I get dwayne's #? [6/23]

DR: Come a knocking
Sho is raining [6/28]
Just dreamt that you came home [6/29]

DR: Pam's chicken caught fire [7/2]


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