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2:43 p.m. // 09 December 2002

The Epoxies were so mighty cool last night that the singer had to go to the ER, trailed by the band's Winnebago. She sat down after the set, coughed, and then something exploded. They thought it was a broken rib but it turned out to be a muscle fuckup of some sort. Hence, no encore.

All the bands were in fine form. I couldn't sit down for a single song. J8 has a new song that makes Naz blush, and me too. Dustin Retro brought in a liter of Sunkist and then apparently abandoned it. Why? Was there too much punk rawk going on that night to spare a bit of attention for a lonely lukewarm orange soda?

[[10 December 2002 / 10 a.m. -- I found out (1) that they didn't have to go to the ER, and (2) that the Sunkist thing is, like, this thing that they do. It's part of their schtick. (At the Tank Tank show Friday night, the soundman: "Turn down the guitars!" Tank Tank: "No! That's our schtick!") ]]


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