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12:03 a.m. // 17 June 2004

The rhythm of my daily life has been thrown off kilter the past month or so. That is my excuse why I have not been writing in this here diary.

I have funny bits and pieces to tell but I've been too busy to type them up and I tell myself that I will just draw them down in a little comic strip someday.

The cycle has been practicing, working, driving and playing shows, working, trying to rest, driving and playing shows, trying to relax. There's not a lot on the slate for July -- especially since we've all pretty much run out of vacation days -- but Dwayne and I have to move (and first: pack! and have a free sale!) in the next two weeks and things will be chaotic.

My grandma is at my parents' house for just a couple more days. I have been driving over there a lot lately to see her and them. It's my birthday next week but I don't know if I have time for it. I have to de-packrat-ify my house. D.ray and I haven't even been going to shows lately. There are people we haven't seen since the start of May. It felt like ages since we'd been to Mable's. The Slow P. played last night to a sparse crowd, but they seemed to enjoy themselves. They stayed here last night and it had also been ages since a band's stayed here. They were in Boise a couple days ago and a guy who was in town for business was at their hurriedly booked coffeehouse gig, and he let them stay at his hotel. he is in the phantom surf-rs and he was in the mummies!!!

I bought a casio sk-5 for $2.99 at the christian resale shop. it is mighty. if only I could figure out how to record samples. it is not intuitive in that respect.

I have to take care of the dog this weekend. my sister went to colorado.

I have a lot of zines from chicago. I could have stayed in that bookstore for a whole day. I have a few records and shirts. I bought a record of a band I didn't know because peter bagge did the cover; also it is on dirtnap. I was on a real peter bagge kick since I bought all those buddy comics.

we also played (sloppily awesomely) with the Catheters on sunday. they are awwwRIGHT!!! and Kobra III tore it up.


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