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12:52 a.m. // 09 March 2003

Last night scene creamers at rubbergloves, rachel let me in for free and collin c. let dwayne in for free so it was free love all around. the band was not as stunning as the first time we saw them a couple months ago; I think that's what generally happens when a touring band comes through town every couple months, because they're worn down or something. still it made me wanna dance. also, ian s. is still the king of onstage banter.

sullenkid was at the show too just standing right beside dwayne ray and me. I gave him the usual jaunty two-finger salute. at one point he went over to the people who were dancing all crazy and danced all crazy, but it was the kind of way where it looked like he was making fun of the crazy dancers, like that guy did one time to mark at a show and I hated him for it, but mark didn't care.

after the show I biked on home (I biked four miles yesterday) and there was a school bus spray-painted silver behind andy's bar & grill, and it said BACKSEAT CONCEPTIONS and it was a touring film festival kind of thing, but kind of not really I'm not sure. [link.]

jackson8 bought the van.

today I answered the phone.
guy: "Hello, is this the, uh... [pause] uh... [pause]"
me: "probably not."
guy: "Oh, sorry."


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