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2:32 p.m. // 04 December 2002

Latest cheese purchase: Derby sage.

How many Thanksgiving dinners did I have? Three. Lunch at my mom's house -- I made roasted garlic mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes with browned butter and Parmesan, caramelized onion and mushroom stuffing with tarragon, cranberry-orange sauce, and two pumpkin pies from scratch. Dinner at Dwayne's mom's house. Leftovers at Dwayne's dad's house on Sunday.

Dwayne and I helped his dad and stepmom pick out a Christmas tree at a tree farm, and then we rode in the bed of the El Camino for the half-hour drive home. We drove to Jacksonville and met Hunter's parents and looked at their shops and met their cats. It was weird in that Hunter was not there with us, but they were so warm and friendly that it didn't matter. We bought:

  • A sparkly gold-orange motorcycle helmet for me,
  • A straightforward black helmet for Dwayne,
  • A guitar cable,
  • A steel box for 45's,
  • Four records -- two with Johnny Cash on the cover, one Carter Family, and one Bob Wills,
  • A brown hat for Dwayne, made in Jacksonville,
  • A flat grey felt hat for me,
  • Oh, I think that's it. And we also brought back a plaid shirt that Hunter had left at his parents' house over Thanksgiving, which his mom said was his favorite shirt but which he said was not his favorite shirt. He wore it a lot two or three years ago and it's been sitting in his closet ever since, until Thanksgiving.


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