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3:27 a.m. // 04 December 2003

I can't get back to sleep so here goes. Why did I ask for a double cappuccino at Brickhaus? I don't know how to order cappuccinos, or drink them. Am I supposed to add sugar or is that considered gauche? Am I supposed to fold the foam into the drink or do I let it float on top? hilfe!

I guess I should recap everything since Thanksgiving. Dwayne and I went to my parents' house for lunch and I brought my pumpkin pie (very good, almondy crust was a little burnt but very tasty).

I came bearing gifts from the Great White North. I successfully palmed off both rabbit fur neckwarmer things from my grandma. My mom liked it initially, then she started asking things like, "Did they have to kill the rabbit to make this? Why did they have to kill the rabbit?" Karen said she wouldn't ever wear it, so I gave hers to our aunt, who had been admiring them. Her boyfriend kept saying things like, "Oh, there's still some blood on that one."

Then we went to his dad's house in Palestine once the Cowboys game started. I met lots of his relatives and the ladies all wanted to try my pumpkin pie from scratch, so I was flattered. But I felt sorry for the two and a half pumpkin-sweet potato pies on the dessert table, yet I was too full to try them.

We played a lot of pool with Dwayne's little cousin, who couldn't remember why he knew Dwayne or who he was. Some of the adults put in X2 at 11 p.m. and then promptly fell asleep. I forgot my contact lens stuff so Dwayne had to take me to Palestine Wal-Mart at 1 a.m.

Dwayne's dad tried to help me find pecans but they were mostly gone -- he found about 25, I found five. He gave me a box of pecans frozen from last year.

Sunday we went to Dwayne's mom's and she fed us up some more (not turkey). Dwayne and I ate a lot of food, including a lot of meat, for a week straight there, from being around my grandma in Canada direct to Thanksgiving. We watched Elvis on PBS.

Sunday there was supposed to be a show at Mable's but the bartender never showed up. We couldn't even get in the building, of course. It sucked. The local band decided to have a little house show for the band that came from Funkytown, I mean, Fort Worth. Luckily it was a night with no touring bands.

On Monday Jackson 8 played with What the Kids Want (neat!) and the Sneeeeze (not so naked this time) and Cattle Assassins at 1919. I screwed up noticeably in the first song, then I guess I did okay. I know need to get rid of my cheat sheet but it is important to me to have some kind of safety net. I will make it smaller and more inconspicuous (i.e. no Sharpie). There weren't a lot of kids there because it was a Monday night, but it was fun.

On Tuesday was an awesome show at Mable's: WJH and the troupe of Gloomadeers, the Slow Poisoners (from SF) and Shoeless Agadore. All the bands turned in great sets and liked the other bands. And there were a lot of people who stayed for the whole show. And everybody had fun, I think. Yeah!

The Slow Poisoners stayed at our house. They aimed to be unintrusive and they were (they went to sleep mere minutes after we got home). They left us huge T-shirts and Andrew Poisoner's book of comix. I wanted to show them around town but I had to go in early.

I worked 10.25 hours because I didn't get a lot done on DT on Tuesday, due to the fact that I had to be Hunter instead of doing my work. DT was an hour late, though the deadline's pretty arbitrary. I had a corrupt Quark page that sucked away an hour of my time. Cody tried every way he could to fix it, because we thought it was the graphics. But after I redid everything I figured out it was a bit of text, something I had cut and pasted from last week's issue. I know this is boring but I feel like I need to document it for myself.


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