[[groovy musics: tikkala mikkala]]

1:29 a.m. // 11 July 2003

Today I was unproductive at work. For the first two hours before budget meeting all I did was (1) yak on the phone to my dad and to Dwayne about my parents' van, which they desperately want me to take to California instead of the Jackson 8 van, (2) check my work e-mail, (3) check my personal e-mail, (4) work on the opinion page, and (5) fall asleep while working on the opinion page, thus causing me to accidentally delete half of a sentence and replace it with a 'P,' a grave error and fireable offence (well... probably not) caught nimbly in the last possible step before actually being printed in the paper by Dennis. Thus, I am a fuckup.

I drove to Plano to borrow sleeping bags and walkie talkies from my familiy, and I went to the Chinese grocery and Whole Foods to stock up on goods for a long drive in a hot van. I got many things, mostly soy products, like powdered instant soy milk, powdered miso-seaweed soup (no MSG!!), curry-flavored ramen (no MSG!), instant green tea powder, four packs of shelf-stable silken tofu, a little bottle of soy sauce, dried green onions, dried cranberries, a box of clementines from California that I just realized I have to consume entirely before we actually GET to California because they won't let you bring fruits and vegetables into the state out of fear of fruit flies, blah dee blah blah blah. tikkala mikkala (not actually a grocery item, just a word Hunter made up, and we don't know what it means yet).

what else happened since the last time I wrote here? The first band to stay in this house stayed in this house on Tuesday night. It was Envein, who are from somewhere in San Francisco and managed to snag jackson8 a show in Ukiah, California. They were four very nice punk guys whose show I missed because I got off work too late. I made them pancakes because I am a geek. The vegan ones were kind of screwy (they didn't brown) and I only had like 12 drops of maple syrup in the fridge. I felt sorry for them because this is the stuff they ate after the show: ramen soup, "San Francisco soup" from the dollar store, canned spaghetti and canned refried beans with nonvegan tortilla chips. (Each member ate a different can of something.) I PRAY THIS DOES NOT BECOME MY LIFESTYLE and that is why I bought like seventeen soy products to eat on the road.


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