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3:06 a.m. // 10 August 2002

Hunter and I worked for eleven hours today. It feels like freedom when you take a break at one ay-yem and walk past the blue bar and there's some guy singing in his best denton voice and you can smoke and talk outside the feed store and you're not at work, for the moment.

I am always juggling lists of songs for mix tapes for various people, as everything has just piled up since I haven't made a mix tape since, like, '98 or something. Mix CDs now, really, because my stereo sucks but my sister has a new CD burner. People for whom I am always making tapes in my head (some of them for the past several years): Packy, Jett, Ryan, Reichle, Josh & Nazli. If you notice that Dwayne is not on the list it's because I lend Dwayne whole CDs, for months at a time. One day I will get them all down into shiny blue 1's and 0's.


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