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1:25 a.m. // 08 June 2004

run around run around work sleep drive drive drive play show sleep drive drive drive work work work sleep work practice practice work sleep practice sleep drive drive sleep. so busy, no time to process, much less write. in three and a half hours I'm going to the airport to fly to Chicago and visit my friend Jett before the rest of my band shows up via Honda Civic. then maybe we get time to crash in our cushy rented suite, but probably we have to go straight to the venue to play an impossible attempt to distill our music into an explosive burst of two songs.

then hanging out in Chicago and that will be fun. maybe we go on to the next round on Thursday night, maybe not. good times anyway.

oh yeah, I'm keeping it a secret, how cool our hotel room is, from Josh & Nazli. it's actually an apartment in a B&B type place. I want to see their faces when they show up. It's a surprise because I want to treat them cos they are busted broke. also I am splurging, though admittedly not too much, cos I've never splurged for a real nice place.


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