[[groovy musics: marked men]]

1:26 p.m. // 30 July 2003

I am obsessed with refrigerator tea and heirloom tomatoes.

Heirloom tomatoes: marvelously colored, explosively juicy, not too acidic but also not too grocery-store sweet. At the posh grocery store in Burlingame by Liz and Brian's house, I bought some red-green tomatoes, a crusty baguette of sourdough and the least-expensive, smallest, most innocuous cheese I could find -- something French and mild and medium-soft. On the beach I stood barefoot with bread and cheese in one fist and a dripping tomato in the other. Bliss. At least, until the seagulls stole the cheese.

Refrigerator tea: I found out how to do this when I was planning to make sun tea on tour with a jar in the window of the van, but the interweb kept telling me that sun tea was highly discouraged these days because the tea may be contaminated with bacteria. To make refrigerator tea: Put water in the fridge with tea leaves and let sit overnight. IT'S SO FUCKIN' EASY!!! I like brown tea and green rice, and I like hibiscus tea with a little sugar.


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