[[groovy musics: Kimya Dawson, Rev. Glasseye, the Angelus]]

12:33 a.m. // 20 October 2004

kinda stupid thing I just did:

I was sipping my overpoweringly sweet mochaccino and proofing pages on the courthouse steps because there were no free tables at the coffeeshop. A little furry head poked around the stairs, then scurried off, despite my cries of "Kitty, kitty, kitty!" (which never seem to work).

The kitten ran off to the shadows underneath the stairs. I heard rustling so I was sure it was there, but it wouldn't come out. I went home and put a healthy serving of tunafish and some leftover rice on a scrap of waxed paper.

I planned to rest the tuna just inside the edge of the darkness under the stairs. Then I could wait at the opposite bench until the little head poked out.

I let go of the tuna just under the stairs. I heard a moist plop as the tuna-rice landed one story down below.

We played joshaa's birthday show last night. It was good times. Also, Dwayne's Rickenbacker split in two. I will post pictures. It is breathtaking. After the show, Ty(ler) accidentally knocked it off the stand -- or more likely, he just barely nudged it and the neck jumped off the body, probably because the guitar strings had been tightly strung for some twenty or thirty years. The parts simply separated themselves cleanly and freakishly.

We will tell people that Dwayne got so into the show that he smashed his guitar over Tyler's head.

Sunday night was Priskapalooza 2004. It was poorly attended, gaining derision for its $8 bottles of water and lack of port-a-johns, and losing millions for the festival sponsors. But the outburst of mud fighting in the mosh pit will likely go down in music history as one of the defining moments of this monumental decade.


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